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Books on Public Administration as Optional subject for IAS Exam are as Follows :

Paper I

  • Chapter-I : Introduction : Mohit Bhattacharya : New Horizons of Public Administration Buy Now
    Nicholas Henry : Public Administration and Public Affairs Special Issues of Indian Journal of Public Administration Buy Now

  • Chapter-II : Theories of Administration: D. Ravindra Prasad, V.S. Prasad and P. Satyanarayana 
    Administrative Thinkers, D. Gvishiani Organisation and Management: A Critique of Western Theories Buy Now

  • Chapter-III : Structure of Public Organizations : R.K. Jain : Public Sector Undertakings 
    and Mohit Bhattacharya : New Horizons of Public Administration Buy Now

  • Chapter-IV : Administrative Behaviour : Paul Hersey : Organisational Behaviour
    Stephen P. Robbin : Organisational Behaviour 

  • Chapter-V : Accountability and Control : Mohit Bhattacharya 
    New Horizons of Public Administration, Special Issues of Indian Journal of Public Administration on Accountability

  • Chapter-VI : Administrative Law: Massey : Administrative Law or M.P. Jain : Administrative Law,

  • Chapter-VII : Administrative Reforms : P.R. Dubbashi 
    Administrative Reforms G.E. Gaiden : Administrative Reforms 

  • Chapter-VIII : Comparative Public Administration 
    Ferrel Heady : Public Administration-A Comparative Perspective 
    R.K. Arora : Comparative Public Administration

  • Chapter-IX : Development Administration : Ferrel Heady : Public Administration - A Comparative Perspective or R.K. Arora : Comparative Public Administration

  • Chapter-X : Public Policy : IGNOU Lessons on Public Policy R. K. Sapra : Public Policy

  • Chapter-XI : Personnel Administration 
    O Glenn Stahl : Public Personnel Administration
    S. L. Goel : Personnel Administration in India.

  • Chapter-XII : Financial Administration
    M. J. K. Thavaraj, Public Financial Administration 
    G.S. Lal : Financial Administration in India
    IGNOU Lessons on Financial Administration 

Paper II

  • Chapter-I : Evolution of Indian Administration
    B.N. Puri Administrative History of India (Vol. I, II )
    (Volume. III) 

  • Chapter-II : Constitutional Framework - D. D. Basu An Introduction to the Constitution of India 

  • Chapter-III : Union Government and Administration - Central Administration by A. Avasthi

  • Chapter-IV : State Government and Administration - J.D. Shukla State Administration

  • Chapter-V : District Administration - T.N. Chaturvedi District Administration and Special Issue of Indian Journal of Public Administration on District Administration

  • Chapter-VI : Local Government - S.R. Maheswari Local Government in India

  • Chapter-VII : Public Sector in India - R. K. Jain Public Sector Undertakings, Annual Survey on Public Sector of Department of Public Enterprises

  • Chapter-VIII : Public Services - S.L. Goel Personnel Administration in India

  • Chapter-IX : Control of Public Expenditure 
    M. J. K. Thavaraj Financial Administration 
    IGNOU Lessons on Financial Administration 

  • Chapter-X : Administrative Reforms
    P.R. Dubbashi Administrative Reforms 
    S. R. Maheswari Administrative Reforms 
    Special Issue of Indian Journal of Public Administration on Administrative Reforms

  • Chapter-XI : Machinery for Planning; A. Avasthi Central Administration

  • Chapter-XII : Administration of Law and Order 
    K. K. Sharma Law and Order Administration in India
    K. J. Guha Roy, District Policing

  • Chapter-XIII : Welfare Administration
    Annual Reports of Department of Social Welfare

  • Chapter-XIV : Major Issues in Indian Administration -Good Governance 
    Special Issue of Indian Journal Public Administration on Indian Administration, Retrospect and Prospect

Topic Wise Books

  1. Indian Administration - Ramesh K. Arora & Rajni Goyal.Buy Now 
  2. Indian Administration - S.R. Maheswari. Buy Now
  3. Administrative Theory - Avasti & Avasti 
  4. Public Administration - Avasti & Maheswari.Buy Now
  5. Administrative Thinkers - R. Prasad and Prasad. Buy Now
  6. Administrative Thinkers - S.R. Maheswari.Buy Now
  7. Public Administration - Sadan and Sharma
  8. Local Government - S.R. Maheswari.
  9. New Horizons of Public Administration - Mohit Bhattacharya. Buy Now
  10. Public Administration Theory and concepts - Rumki Basu Buy Now
  11. Indian Constitution - D.D. Basup (or) Pandey. Buy Now
  12. Public Administration and Public Affairs - Nicholas Henry. Buy Now
  13. Modern Public Administration - Nigro and Nigro.

General Reference Books for Public Administration

  • Public administration in theory and practice - M.P. Sharma and B.L Sadan
  • Public administration - Mohit Bhattacharya
  • Modern public administration - Nigro and Nigro
  • Theories and principles of administration : Administrative thinkers - Prasad & Prasad
  • Principles of management - Terry and Frankline
  • Administrative Behaviors: Managing organizational behavior - Paul Hersey & Kenneth Blanchard Buy Now
  • Personal Administration - Public personal administration - O. Glennstal
  • Financial administration: Financial administration of India - M.J.K. Thavaray
  • Comparative administration: public administration a comparative perspective - Ferrel Heady or Comparative public administration - Ramesh Buy Now
  • Control over administration: Public administration - Avasthi & Maheswari
  • Central administration in India: Central administration - A. Avasthi
  • Civil Services in India: Indian administration - S.R. Maheswari, State
  • District and local administration: State administration - J.D. Shukla
  • District administration -- S. S. Khera
  • Local Government in India - S.R. Maheshwari
  • Laxmikant's guide (for clearing conepts)
  • IGNOU Study Materials
  • IJPA articles on relevant topics
  • Current News Papers

Public Administration Books for IAS

Books on Public Administration as Optional subject for IAS Exam are as Follows : Paper I Chapter-I : Introduction : Mohit Bhattachar...


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